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Medical Services

Homelessness is hazardous to your health.  The experience of homelessness causes health problems, exacerbates existing illnesses, and seriously complicates treatment and continuity of care.  People without homes are generally sicker than their housed counterparts and, because of restricted access to health care, are three to four times more likely to die prematurely.  HCH clients experience high rates of hypertension, asthma, diabetes, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS.  Approximately 75% of HCH clients lack comprehensive health insurance and face tremendous barriers to care elsewhere in the community.  Staff physician with client

Health Care for the Homeless provides comprehensive medical services including pediatric and adult primary care, screening, health education, convalescent care, and referrals for specialty medical care.  The HCH clinic is staffed with physicians, a physician assistant, nurse practitioners, nurses, certified medical assistants, and support staff.  Our partners at Mt. Vernon Pharmacy (to be co-located with HCH in 2010) help us ensure that our clients can fill every prescription written by an HCH provider. 

Our comprehensive primary medical care services include:

HCH providers teach their clients about health management and disease prevention, with services including:

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Convalescent Care: The streets are no place to recover from illness or injury. In partnership with Baltimore City, the HCH Convalescent Care Program provides 24-hour shelter, routine nursing assessment, case management, and recuperative care for individuals with medical conditions not severe enough for hospitalization.

For more information about HCH Medical Services contact us at 410-837-5533 or info@hchmd.org. To make a referral to Convalescent Care, please call 410-598-6758    


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