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Mental Health Services

Homelessness & mental health:  Health Care for the Homeless recognizes the strong relationship between homelessness and mental health.  Mental illness often leads to and prolongs homelessness and tends to be exacerbated by the experience.  Among surveyed homeless people nationally, 39% report a mental health problem.  At HCH in Baltimore, at least a third of our clients have a serious (“axis 1”) mental health diagnosis.  A quarter of our clients are “dually diagnosed” with mental illness and addiction and are not well-served in mainstream treatment.  Lack of documentation, lack of transportation, and difficulty adhering to treatment regimens prevent many homeless individuals from succeeding in mainstream behavioral health care.

The HCH approach:  At Health Care for the Homeless, we “begin where the client is” by working to meet the needs the individual identifies while establishing a trusting relationship and gradually engaging the client into comprehensive services.  Mental health therapists and psychiatrists play a critical role in this process.   

Clinical services:  The Mental Health and Case Management Team is comprised of psychiatrists, licensed social workers, licensed professional counselors, psychiatric nurse practitioners and administrative support staff.  Collectively, the team delivers the following mental health services: 

Clinical and support groups:  Our mental health therapists and other clinical staff facilitate a range of groups to promote overall physical and psychological wellness.  Group topics include dual diagnosis, men’s and women’s peer support, stress reduction, life skills, acupuncture, writing, and art. 

Case conferences:  in order to facilitate interdisciplinary plans of care for HCH clients, mental health staff organize and participate in routine clinical case conferences involving doctors, nurses, addictions counselors, and other providers involved in client care.    

For more information, contact 410-837-5533 or info@hchmd.org.

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