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Performance Improvement

We work to continuously make sure the people we serve receive the highest possible quality care, when they need it. 

We call this work "performance improvement." Or just simply, PI, which includes continuously: 

  • assessing the quality of the care we deliver
  • assessing client access to that care
  • adjusting to do better

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2021 PI Goals

We have nine PI goals in 2021...

Chronic Disease: Diabetes Control

Agency-wide: By December 31 2021, the proportion of clients across the Agency who have an A1C <9 or who are tested will increase to 87%.

By ethnicity: By December 31 2021, the percentage of controlled diabetes (A1C <9) and tested among the LatinX population will increase to 64%.

Behavioral health: Depression Remission

Follow-up Screening: By December 2021, 85% of clients who score >9 on a PHQ-9 screening will receive a follow-up screening within 5-7 months.

Remission: By December 2021, 10% of adults diagnosed with major depression or dysthymia who score >9 on an initial PHQ-9 will demonstrate remission (<5) within 10-14 months.

Infectious Disease: Childhood immunization

By December 2021, 50% of 2-year olds will have all recommended vaccines by their second birthday.

Social Determinants of Health

Food insecurity: By December 31, 2021, 90% of clients who answer yes to experiencing food insecurity on the PRAPARE tool will be connected to a Case Managemer or Community Health Worker.

Transportation challenges: By December 31, 2021, 90% of clients who answer yes to experiencing transportation challenges on the PRAPARE tool will be connected to a Case Managemer or Community Health Worker.

Referrals Tracking

By December 31 2021, 40% of referrals will be completed (specialist/radiology appointment completed and note scanned into EMR) within 3 months of referral initiation.

Phone Access

By December 31, 2021, the Agency will reduce disparities across departments and for clients with limited English proficiency to achieve an answer rate of 85%.

Our clients' perspectives help us shape our goals. 

Client Experience Survey Results: Fall 2020

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PI Tools and Resources

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Questions about our Performance Improvement work? Contact Ziad Amer, Performance Improvement Coordinator